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Real Times Cases is an education technology publishing company that empowers professors of undergraduate and graduate-level classes with the tools to stimulate young minds. Based in Washington, D.C., RTC is a multimedia platform that aims to bridge the gap between the professional work environment and higher education through experiential learning. We film executive teams of some of the coolest companies around that prompt students with some of the most engaging challenges of the day.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as the bridge between the higher education classroom and the professional world. Real Time Cases delivers engaging video-based activities that make it easier for educators to let students address real problems facing relevant companies in the moment, as they are happening. Students will experience and learn from the challenges facing today’s business leaders within a platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Real Companies Real Cases Real Time


How We Do It 

We allow students to gain experience through helping real companies assess real opportunities and resolve real issues in the marketplace. For the first time ever, students and professors have exclusive access to information directly from the executive teams of startup, high-growth, and mature companies from around the globe. Bridging the gap between the academic space of the classroom and the dynamic professional work environment, we allow students to incorporate their own personal experiences, critical thinking skills, unique creative potential, and research capabilities into assignments from top-level management. This affords students an apprenticeship akin to a residency program while under the guidance of their instructor and in the safety of the classroom.





  • September

    Real Time Cases moves offices to the Alley community workspace in Washington, D.C.

  • February

    Real Time Cases is named as one of the top 50 companies for the 2017 Startup Grind Global Conference.

  • January

    Forbes Magazine names the Founders of Real Time Cases to 2017's Education 30 Under 30 list.



  • December

    Real Time Cases is accepted into the AOL Fishbowl Labs incubator.

  • August

    Real Time Cases receives seed funding from SWaN Investors. 

  • August

    Real Time Cases officially launches the online platform and begins accepting credit card transactions.

  • January

    Real Time Cases is converted from an LLC into a C corporation.


  • July

    Real Time Cases is formed as a Limited Liability Company.

  • June

    Primary Minimum Viable Product is tested with Tim Chi, CEO of WeddingWire, and Georgetown University.

  • April

    Real Time Cases is accepted into LauchBayC, Lehigh University's Student Idea Accelerator.

  • February

    The idea for Real Time Cases is birthed within the halls of Lehigh University.

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