Real Time Cases

REAL TIME CASES are engaging, video-based case studies and activities that let instructors bring the vibrant real world of business into the classroom.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as the bridge between higher education and the professional world. Real Time Cases delivers engaging video-based activities that make it easier for educators to let students address real problems facing relevant companies in the moment, as they are happening. Students will experience and learn from the challenges facing today’s business leaders within a platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere.


How We Do It 

We allow students to gain valuable experience by helping real companies assess real opportunities and resolve real issues. Students and instructors gain exclusive access to information shared directly from the executive teams of startups, high-growth, and mature companies from around the globe. Real Time Cases connects what students must learn in the academic space with the dynamic, professional, real-world work environment, allowing students to incorporate their personal experiences, critical thinking skills, and unique creative potential into assignments from top-level management. This affords students an apprenticeship akin to a residency program while under the guidance and expertise of the instructor.