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Real Time Cases delivers engaging, video-based case studies that let students address real problems facing relevant companies in the moment, as they are happening.

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Engage & excite students with experiential learning

Our accessible online platform lets business leaders from real companies invite students to address the real, unresolved challenges they're working on today. The knowledge that students' work will have a real impact energizes the classroom and results in a more engaging, active learning experience.

Bridge the gap between the classroom and the vibrant real world of business.

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"If you're looking for something current, if you're looking for something exciting for your students to be a part of, Real Time Cases is a great way to bring an interactive level to any class."

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Engage students more easily and energize the classroom through Experiential Learning

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Practical experience that lets you make an impact by applying what you’re learning in class to real-life issues facing today’s business leaders

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Gather valuable feedback on issues and opportunities from talented, creative critical-thinkers, while gaining exposure and establishing connections with tomorrow’s leaders

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