Real Time Cases are assignments from top-level executives concerning real issues and opportunities that are occurring at their company in real-time

Our Process

We find Real Time Partners and create multimedia content for educational use.

Instructors design learning activities using our robust company profiles and case material.

The class applies course concepts to solve today’s business challenges.

Students develop essential critical thinking skills for the professional work environment.

Our Partners

Real Time Cases develops relationships with some of the coolest start up, high-growth, mature, and public companies.

Company Training Process

We curate company training materials to help students understand how a company operates from a functional and business model standpoint.

Sample Company Background Company Background Packet
Company Discussion Manual

A Real Time Case

Now that you understand ThinkFun, it’s time to look into some of the real issues and opportunities they are dealing with.

This material is meant to simulate what it’s like to receive real assignments from top-level management.

Sample Case Video

ThinkFun Andrea Barthello

Toys & Games COO

Students apply course concepts to solve today’s business challenges.

Now students can incorporate their own personal experiences, critical thinking skills, unique creative potential, and research capabilities into fun, practical, and up-to-date assignments like never before.

Cases We Offer

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